About WISE Ireland

A Resource for Businesses

The WISE Ireland website is a directory of Work Integration Social Enterprises [WISEs] that supply goods and services.

About This Website

The goal of this website is to offer businesses a broader range of procurement options and to raise awareness of sustainability-focussed suppliers (such as Work Integration Social Enterprises – WISEs) in their local area.

By purchasing from or engaging with such organisations, businesses can achieve greater positive social impact at a local level.

We will be building this resource by updating regularly with news and information about social procurement.

This project is being delivered by Speedpak Group as part of the 2022 Awareness Raising Initiatives for Social Enterprises [ARISE] programme approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund.


What are Work Integration Social Enterprises?

Work Integration Social Enterprises are a type of social enterprise that exist mainly to improve the employability and employment prospects of people who are furthest from the labour market.

About Speedpak Group

Speedpak Group is one of Ireland’s longest established work integration social enterprises, operating two successful commercial businesses, Speedpak Contract Services and Shamrock Rosettes.

It has achieved considerable success, since its foundation in 1995, having provided real commercial work experience and accredited training programmes to over 1400 long-term unemployed people.

Speedpak has also played a key role in promoting the social enterprise sector. In recent years this has included involvement in the Social Enterprise Task Force and membership of the research group that informed Ireland’s first National Social Enterprise Policy in 2019. The Policy was launched in Speedpak that year.


Why We’re Doing This

We know there are many WISEs providing fantastic goods and services. However, there is currently very little data on the number of WISEs operating in Ireland, nor is there any central source of information on this part of the social enterprise sector.

We are undertaking this project to address this ‘visibility gap’ by identifying WISEs and by showcasing their mission as well as the goods and services they offer.

WISEs are as capable as any other sector of supplying goods and services in a competitive commercial marketplace.

They can also be a catalyst for positive social change by offering opportunities for collaborating on projects that have sustainable outcomes.

We want to make it easier for businesses to find a local WISE that can support them in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals.